How to Use Clubhouse
How to use clubhouse appWhat is the Clubhouse app ?

If you have not already installed the Clubhouse app, download as soon as possible! This application’s popularity is increasing rapidly, and many users in the world have downloaded and installed the ClubHouse application, in this article we are going to cover how to use clubhouse app and its features and tricks.

What is a Clubhouse, and how can you become a member? Why is this program suddenly talked about everywhere? Clubhouse is the most popular application. Day-by-day clubhouse popularity is increasing and many users in the world have already installed the clubhouse application. What is a clubhouse? How does it work? How can become its member? All this topics we will discuss below. For more information about this application, join us in this article from savevideo9 blogs.

How to Use Clubhouse
Introducing the Clubhouse application

The Clubhouse audio app was released in April 2020. This app was created for Paul OS by David Davidson and Rohan Seth. Alpha Exploration is also the developer of the Clubhouse app. This application has various clubs and virtual rooms with different topics, music, performance, negotiation, and discussion.

According to the recent graph, this application has cross 5 million download in short period of time. About 2.3 million of these download occurred in January 2021 alone. More interestingly, since January 28th this website claims 30% of clubhouse app, downloads have been since January 28th. Also, prominent figures such as Ilan Mask and Vlad Tanf in a chat room of the Clubhouse program doubled the program’s popularity.

Download Clubhouse for Android

Clubhouse downloads for I phone is legally possible, but for android is not yet official. There is some restriction, which we will provide you with the following link to download the clubhouse app for android. Unfortunately it not yet possible for the android users to create an account in this application. Clubhouse can only be run in IOS operating system. Clubhouse has announced that they are working for android version of the app, but officially it is not announced yet. Many developers worldwide have tried to work on unofficial android version but there attempts failed and the android of the program announced many bugs and bugs.

How to Use Clubhouse

Russian programmers managed to provide access on the android version with basic features of the clubhouse but still were not without its drawback. Users couldn’t build a new room which was not so popular.

  • Build a new chat room.
  • Search users.
  • Invite present users as speakers.
  • Select users as chat room managers.
  • Block/unblock each user.
  • View each user shared followers.
  • Send app invitation to friends.
  • Ability to share chat room link.
  • Receive activation code by calling.
  • Return to active chat room.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Fix notification page bug.

In January 2021, the company announced that android clubhouse would be launched soon. It can work in android devices as well. Before, in 2021 clubhouse app was topped listed app for free apps in apple store in Japan.

Why is Clubhouse not available for Android?

Due to the weakness in the support system of clubhouse developers, it delays in releasing android version of clubhouse. Compare to IOS operating system and ANDROID users are much more than it.

The success of clubhouse and its growing reputation attracted competitor’s attention to this program and its facilities. Other competitors took advantage of its drawback, the lack of an android version of clubhouse, and many tired to create a clubhouse like environment for android users.


IPHONE users easily install by visiting clubhouse homepage and use its original version

Download Clubhouse from the Apple App Store

Clubhouse features and capabilities

The clubhouse has many features and concepts that may be new to many. If you plan to work and join this new social network. It should be noted that IOS users are currently able to join this emerging social network. Although, we can use clubhouse app in IPADS OS, it can also be used on iPads. Join us as we explore the terms and concepts of the Clubhouse app.

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The clubhouse is voice based app. In this the exchange of various discussion and information is possible in the form of audio.

Clubhouse room is divided into “public” and “private” categories. In private room users can chat with their friends. In other hand, public room has a higher capacity then private room, and many people in talk about particular subject. Public room is divided into several categories such as moderates, speakers and listeners.


In a clubhouse, when you enter, you can enter as a listener. In this room you can only watch and listen in the discussion. How to proceed and is only a listener.


In the room, if you have a comment or topic and want to participate in the discussion, then you should request to room manager. If the room manager grant your permission and allows talking in the channel manager then you can turn on your microphone. After when you finished talking, the room manager will decide that whether to keep your microphone on or not.

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The manger of each room is the founder has the power to appoint another person or person to the management of Rome. The room manager manages the ongoing conversation in the clubhouse. In other words all the decision is taken y the room managers.


Clubhouse clubs are group based on different interest that individuals can join. Clubhouse can create maximum two clubs. They must fill in club setup form and send it to the clubhouse application support team.

To create club in a house class, first log in to your own account (where your profile, biography, and photo). At the bottom of this section you must click on the + sign to create your new club. Per month one person can create only 2 new clubs.


On a specific topic itself, event and virtual event take place. The applicant should determine the event dates and subject in advance and also participating in the event become member.

How to Use Clubhouse

The name of the clubhouse homepage is hallway. The page like INSTAGRAM take place most of the events and activities in the rooms. The clubhouse app belongs to the apps main page!


Here we will teach you, how to use the clubhouse. As you know clubhouse has become much more popular. If you new to clubhouse and yet not mastered its mechanisms then hurry up and don’t miss reading this section.


SO, let’s start how to use the clubhouse. Firstly, joining clubhouse is only possible by invitation. Generally if we need any kind of app for any purpose we go to play store and download, but in clubhouse it doesn’t work like this.

The chat room is just like a conference call, and most people are listen the room conversation closes like a phone call.


Clubhouse user invites you within the app to subscribe the clubhouse. The social network allows creating an account in this application. Users send invitation to other users by sending link in your phone. By this process user can invite everyone to the program. The clubhouse app developers have achieved their 2021 goal and also they can finally open this program to the public.


After receiving the invitation and joining the clubhouse social network. You can create your own personal profile where you just have to add your photo, bio, like other social networking site such as INSTAGRAM. Clubhouse only has a three lines capacity of writing about description will make you known by others. While writing bio of you in the clubhouse one thing you should keep in your mind that avoid using different EMOJI and link, besides list your hobbies and interests. so, that users can invite you as per related room based.

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How do we invite different people to the clubhouse? To join the clubhouse app you need an invitation. Before sending invitation to your close once you need to be sure that he/she has an IPHONE. Just because clubhouse app is currently enable for the IOS and Android users. To send the clubhouse invitation you must select the envelope option in the top of this application and then send the invitation to whomever you want. Before we discussed that at first you will be allowed to send only 2 invitations but now we as send as much as possible by using clubhouse program.

How to Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a kind of voce chat room where different people comes together and share their ideas with each other. You can also create your own clubhouse room and invite other user to it. To create your own room in the clubhouse home screen, just touch the green option at the bottom. The application will ask you to specify the subject of your room. You determine what the topic of discussion and information exchange will be in this room.

How to Use Clubhouse

Events take place on specific dates and users get information by joining events. Clubhouse events are done to be in virtual and online classes. By selecting date users can hold their event, to specify schedule, date and subject of the events select the calendar icon in the top bar of the clubhouse home screen.


The clubhouse program provides and attractive and new environment for the uses. It also applies strict rules to them. For the users clubhouse creates a shadow profile. Private room conversation is also recorded. If you want to record other person voice the app will you automatically instructs you to do so. So for the security of the users app doesn’t allow microphone.

and it does not have access to other useful information.


How to create a room in clubhouse? To create a new room, touch the green “starts a room” button on the clubhouse home screen. Now you have three options on the left, public room (open) with the ability to add all users, a social room for users who only follow you, and then a private room (closed) is seen. To do an also name your room adds using “add a topic” option.


By receiving an invitation you can create your own profile. Add your personal details like (photo, bio). You can select your photo from your phone gallery. The mention your bio within three lines just because clubhouse provides only 3 lines capacity so, avoid EMOJI and instead of that write about your hobbies, activities in short description that will make you more known by other users.


In the clubhouse events take place in a specific date and you can get information by joining the event. To know the date, schedule and time of the event select the calendar icon in the top bar of the clubhouse home screen. You can also enter in the event page by clicking the icon on the top right and also you can create your personal event and specify the date and subject.


In this article, we have thoroughly reviewed the Clubhouse program and got acquainted with its different parts. Also, we took a brief look at the strict rules of the Clubhouse and its outskirts.

In short, download the Clubhouse application so that the first one of this application’s users sends you an invitation link, and through that link, you enter the Clubhouse page. This app is a social network for voice chat focusing on conference calls and discussions on various topics. Currently, only this app can be used with the iOS operating system, and Android Clubhouse will be available soon.